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How to Write a White Paper 
White Paper

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White papers
is a marketing tool for product launches, thinking of a potential clientele as well as technical product documentation.

  • It shows that the possible clientele and their challenges are known.
  • It presents the product and technology as innovators.
  • It emphasizes what makes the product a unique product and its advantages.
  • It influences customers' purchasing decisions.

However, in this document, success is demonstrated in the power of the solution, not in the hype around the product.

Target audience:

  • Define the characteristics of the target audience.
  • Highlight your potential concerns and problems.
  • Consider the availability of time and method of reading the document.
  • Provide an initial summary / summary or synthesis, concise and well written.
  • With a review of the solution.
  • How is the customer problem solved?
  • With a feedback procedure.


  • Consult other models of white paper.
  • Think about the best place to publish the document. The writings intended for online publications are written differently than the writings for the press.
  • Maintain a positive tone, without technical terminology: leave technical terminology for other types of documents and marketing terminology for subsequent sales strategies.

Start with a good overview / summary of the document / synthesis :

  • It should get the audience's attention.
  • Content: summary of a paragraph. Provide enough information for the reader to continue reading, taking into account that a busy executive can skip the document to read the final paragraphs or the conclusion directly.

Define the problem
Two or three paragraphs that demonstrate knowledge of customer problems and industry trends. 
Hidden assumptions or agendas should be avoided. 
Avoid technical complexities, acronyms, etc. 
Define what is needed and should be understood. 
Identify the main purpose of the document

Describe the product
Incorporate design decisions: industry standards, testing, reliability, good practices and ease of use. 
Illustrate these ideas with simple diagrams, labels and illustrations (Have a graphic designer!).

Talk about how the product solves a problem, relate both issues. 
Prove it by providing proof. 
Illustrate it with practical cases and expert opinion.

Make the presentation more attractive by talking about

  • Benefits and return on investment
  • Future applications, future developments and chronology.

Conclusion: with confidence and credibility
Consult the synthesis and summarize the main advantages of the product.